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A Perfect Fit Body Form:
Covered & Padded With Your Perfect Size


Sewing and fitting a body form cover is easier than might think. A very practical and unique way to create your perfect size form cover. Once padded and covered the body form will provide hours of service and easily extend itself for pattern design along with simplifying and making tough fitting issues hassle free.
In this turorial: you will learn how to create and fit a muslim block. How to change the bodice pattern into a princess muslim, and how to sew a princess seamed garmet, insert a zipper, padd and cover the form. Any body form available will work, except for one that is too large for your frame. Click Here for complete tutorial.

Victory Swag Valance

Altering a Victory Swag:
Simple Changes for A Custom Look


Exciting and stimulating visual design elements make this valance worthwhile to learn and use in the home. There are many ways to alter this overall design to create a unique and custom look to this same valance. Click Here for complete tutorial.

Silhouette Carolyn's Pant #3500

Adding style changes to a fitted pant muslin
Get that picture perfect look with great fit


Knowing how to use your pant muslin to create that great pattern design into great fit offers more that just a great fitting pair of pants. Using the "Silhouette Pattern 3500" to demostrate how to add the pattern desing elements into the muslin pant pattern Click Here for complete blog post.